Information Technology/Computer Related

We advise clients on matters relating to Information Technology (IT) Laws, outsourcing, Data Privacy and Protection issues. We also have expertise on e-commerce, technology transactions, IP strategy, media and broadcasting.

We assist in drafting and vetting of various Agreements such as:

  • Software Development Agreements
  • Software License Agreements
  • Technology Consultancy Agreements
  • Technology Services Agreements
  • Shrink-Wrap License/Click Wrap Agreements/EULA
  • Agreement for Development & Hosting of website
  • Hardware contracts
  • Filing of Application for Registration of Copyrights in Software
  • Internet Domain name issues
    • Advising on domain name disputes,
    • Handling Cyber squatting issues including issue of Cease & Desist Notices in the case of Cyber squatting
    • Responding to Cease & Desist Notices issued by other Parties.