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Deccan Global law Firm is full services Law Firm catering to a broad spectrum of legal services with primary focus on Corporate and commercial matters. Ours is a Domestic Law Firm with Global Outlook. Our Team comprises of people who are having decades of experience across various domains such as Intellectual Property, Technology, Taxation, and Banking besides Law. Our Team is capable of handling wide spectrum of Practice areas.

DGLF handles both transaction as well as Litigation related work. We are specialised in handling various types of Agreement relating to commercial and corporate sector. Conducting extensive legal research to find effective solutions to the legal issues of our clients is our forte.

We believe in nurturing and maintaining long term relationships with our clients. Every client of ours deserves best effort to provide quality services. We walk the extra mile to provide best possible experience to our clients in dealing with us. Our vision is to be a leading Corporate and Business law firm delivering high quality and timely legal service to our clients.

Corporate Law


We provide a comprehensive range of services relating to Corporate Laws. With our experience and in-depth knowledge, we work on finding effective and innovative solutions to the legal issues faced by our Clients. We advise clients on various aspects of Companies Act, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), Mergers, Scheme of Amalgamations etc. and representing before National Company Law Tribunals and other judicial fora in various type of cases.

We handle drafting and vetting of various kinds of Agreements. Some of the agreements we handle are:

  • Share Purchase Agreements/Share Holder Agreements/Agreement for Amalgamation of companies etc.,
  • Project Agreements
  • Legal Audits/Legal Due Diligence
  • Project Finance Agreements



We handle drafting of various types of commercial agreements & contracts relating to broad spectrum of areas. We also undertake vetting of drafted agreements, on behalf of our clients. We study and analyse the agreements to ensure that it does not have any clauses that might be potentially injurious or detrimental to the interests of our clients. We spend time and do back ground research to understand the business of our clients and ensure that the contracts adequately safeguard their interests.

Our specialised team of lawyers in the field of Contract Drafting are well versed with various Laws relating to Commercial/Business Agreements and their legal framework. We customise the agreements and contracts to suit the specific requirements of clients. Some of the agreements we handle are:

  • Various Agreements relating to partnership firms such as Deed of partnerships, Registration/Dissolution of Partnership Firms
  • Hire-Purchase Agreements
  • Supply Contracts & Distributorship Agreements
  • Various kinds of Service Agreements
  • Business/Technology/Financial Collaboration Agreements



We provide consulting services for infrastructure companies on various legal aspects of infrastructure projects across various sectors: National Highways & other Road projects, Aviation, Ports, Power, Water works, Waste Management to name a few.

We render legal advice on various aspects of Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects. We provide legal advice during various phases of Infrastructure projects like RFQ, RFP, Bid evaluation, Pre-bid meetings and post-bidding stages, formation of SPV and during project initiation, execution and operation phases. We provide advice on various legal aspects of EPC contracts as well.

We have an excellent expertise and understanding of the full range of practical, legal and Techno-legal issues relating to infrastructure projects across sectors and of the challenges that may arise for investors, lenders, employers, and public/private entities.

We offer consultancy services for Infrastructure projects both litigation consulting as well as transactional consultancy including drafting and vetting documents and various kinds of project related agreements across sectors. We also provide opinion/advice on pending litigation and pre-litigation advice.

Real Estate - Commercial & Residential


Title Investigation & Due Diligence is very important in the purchase of Immovable Properties. We provide comprehensive range of services in Real Estate Sector like detailed investigation of Title for the immovable property, conducting search & enquiries in the Offices of Sub-Registrar, Revenue Authorities etc. We advice our clients on all legal issues that may arise in the Property Management.

We advise on drafting & vetting of development agreements, sale deeds, lease deeds besides handling litigation relating to land acquisition, real estate etc. Our firm has a very strong domain capability in real estate law and practice. We offer comprehensive legal opinion on complex commercial real estate matters involved in litigation. Some of the agreements we handle include:

  • Drafting of Agreement of Sale for Commercial/Residential Properties;
  • Development Agreement-cum-General Power of Attorney between Owner & Builder/Developer;
  • Drafting/vetting of Sale Deeds before registration;
  • Drafting of rectification deeds;
  • Mortgage Agreements;
  • Lease Deeds for Commercial Properties such as hotels, Malls, Shopping complexes;
  • Lease Deeds for Residential Properties;
  • Leave & License Agreements;

HR & Employment Related


We Offer opinion on employment related issues to companies from different sectors. We assist companies on termination, severance, resignations, litigation cases relating to dismissals, retirement benefits, HR Audits to ensure compliances with employment laws etc.

  • Employment Contracts for various positions
  • Employee Hand Books
  • Contract Labour compliances & Issues
  • Non Disclosure & Non Compete Agreements
  • Retainership Agreements

Intellectual Property


We provide advice on a range of IPR related issues including:

  • Trade Marks: Registration, Assignment, Renewal of Trade Marks; Litigation relating to Trade Marks including Injunctions & passing off cases; Infringement cases; Representation before Registrar of Trade Marks.
  • Copyrights: Filing of Copyright Applications before Copyright Board; Registration of Copyrights; Drafting of various types of copyright agreements etc.
  • Domain Name Disputes: Various issues relating to Domain name disputes including Cyber squatting cases; issue of Cease & Desist notices, Drafting of replies to Cease & Desist notices etc.
  • Advice on available rights and remedies under various Agreements relating to Intellectual Property Rights.



The franchising of goods and services is picking up momentum in India. India is fast emerging as one of the biggest franchising markets in the world. We assist our clients in designing suitable Franchising arrangements and structures suitable for their businesses. Some of the franchising agreements that we handle are:

  • Direct Franchising Agreements
  • Master Franchising Agreements
  • Franchising through Subsidiary/Joint Ventures
  • Regional Franchising
  • Drafting & vetting of Brand Licensing Agreements, Assignment Deeds.



Indirect Taxation:

We offer comprehensive advisory services on Goods & Service Tax (GST), Legacy issues relating to Service Tax & Central Excise; Customs; Import-Export Laws, Special Economic Zones (SEZ), Anti Dumping laws etc. for clients across different sectors like Manufacturing, Telecom, Pharma, Real Estate, Infrastructure etc.

We provide representation for clients before various Quasi Judicial & Judicial fora like Commissioner (Appeals), Customs, Excise & Service Tax Appellate Tribunal (CESTAT), High Court/Supreme Court etc. We also draft replies to show cause notices issued/audit queries raised by Tax authorities.

We offer comprehensive opinion on complex tax issues.



Our dedicated team of Lawyers assist clients in all civil/Criminal matters in High Court of Telangana. We handle filing of writ petitions, writ appeals, Revision petitions, Appeals to name a few.

We handle matters relating to Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (IBC) and Company Law Matters, before National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), Hyderabad.

We handle all types of Litigations before District courts, Sessions Courts, Debt Recovery Tribunals, Consumer fora, Industrial Tribunals, Labour Courts etc. We handle matters before various Government authorities (both State & Central) including Enforcement Directorate, GST Authorities.

For cross border litigations we coordinate on India related legal aspects with attorneys & Law Firms in US, Europe & Asia.

Technology, Media and Telecom


We have a deep understanding of the Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector, enabling us to provide insightful advices into the legal, regulatory and commercial aspects as well as dispute resolution services to clients. Our team has unique blend of expertise into both Technology and legal domains. We advise clients on matters relating to Information Technology (IT) Laws, outsourcing, Data Privacy and Protection issues. We also have expertise on e-commerce, technology transactions, IP strategy, media and broadcasting.

Some of the agreements related to the Technology Sector that we handle are:

  • Software Development Agreement
  • Software Testing Agreements
  • Software Maintenance Agreement
  • Software License Agreement
  • Software/Technology Consultancy Agreement
  • Software/Technology Services Agreements
  • Shrink-Wrap License/Click Wrap Agreements/EULA
  • Agreement for Development & Hosting of website
  • Computer Hardware contracts
  • Filing of Application for Registration of Copyrights in Software
  • Internet Domain Name Issues
    • Advising on domain name disputes,
    • Handling Cyber squatting issues including issue of Cease & Desist Notices in the case of Cyber squatting.
    • Responding to Cease & Desist Notices issued by other Parties.

NRI Services


We understand the unique needs of Non Resident Indians (NRIs) & overseas Indians who are living far away from their homeland. We provide personalised services for Non Resident Indians (NRIs) such as:

  • Drafting of Power of Attorney (POA).
  • Drafting and Registration of Will deeds.
  • Representation in Courts of Law and keep them updated about the developments at regular intervals.
  • We also provide legal advice/consultation to NRIs in the unforeseen event of any matrimonial disputes.
  • Provide title investigation services in case of purchase of real estate property by NRIs.
  • Provide legal assistance in sale of property such as drafting/vetting of Agreement of Sale, drafting/vetting of sale deed etc.

Criminal Law Practice


We handle all types of criminal litigation both on the Original side as well as Appellate side, across High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad and various Courts in and around the twin Cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. We represent matters across Courts in various States through our Associates. We also offer detailed opinion for clients on criminal law matters of various types.

We provide personalised service to NRIs in representing their matters and advising and updating them regularly.

We handle cases relating to:

  • Warrant recalls, Anticipatory bails, Regular Bails, Sessions Bails;
  • Quashing of FIRs, Criminal Trials, Criminal appeals and Revisions;
  • White Collar crimes / Economic Offences;
  • Frauds relating to cheating, Misappropriation, embezzlement, siphoning of funds, Frauds relating to Banks and other Financial Institutions;
  • CBI/ACB/Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) Cases;
  • Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) contraventions / violations;
  • Cyber Crimes & Crimes relating to Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)/Piracy;
  • Providing assistance in filing private complaints/ Corporate Complaints Dishonour of cheques/ Cheque Bounce Cases (Negotiable Instruments Act cases);
  • Various types of criminal cases relating to NRIs;
  • Matrimonial/Domestic Violence/ 498-A related matters.

India Related Advice for Foreign Clients


We provide expert legal assistance and advice on India related legal & regulatory matters for businesses, Corporates, Law firms based outside India. We also provide advice and assistance on enforcement of foreign decrees in India.

Enforcement Directorate



The Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) deals with various financial offences committed against the Government and also against entities such as Banks and Financial Institutions. The investigation under this Act begins with registration of ECIR (Enforcement Case Information Report) which is based on the FIR/Charge Sheet filed by CBI or Police, which is known as predicate offence.

The proceedings under PMLA are standalone and the prosecution trial is usually run with the prosecution under predicate offence. Usually the actions initiated by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) under this Act are issue of summons to the accused, issuance of PAO (Provisional Attachment Order) proposing provisional attachment of Properties, filing of OC (Original Complaint) before the Adjudicating Authority, Confirmation of PAO and Prosecution Complaint before PMLA Special Courts praying for confiscation of properties involved in the offence of money laundering and charging the accused under the provisions of the PMLA.

These actions could even be on the business associates of the accused/offenders depending upon the nature of their association with the principal accused.

Our team of experts offer comprehensive advisory services on various aspects of both the offences relating to the predicate offence and also under PMLA, 2002 as both the offences are to be defended without jeopardizing other case. We offer the services as under:

  • Advice relating to: summons received from the Enforcement Directorate; investigation, seizure of properties, provisional attachment of properties /confirmation of attachment of properties and for all other matters pending before the Adjudicating Authority.
  • Representation before the Appellate Tribunal, High Courts and various other judicial fora.
  • Advice relating to handling and representation during the trial before the Special Courts set up under the PMLA, 2002 and any appeals/matters arising therefrom to the higher judicial fora.
  • Offer our advisory services to the business associates of the suspected offenders during the course of the proceedings.
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